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Second Home & Investment Cabins in The Smoky Mountains


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Welcome! I’m Will Quinn. Since 1993, I have specialized in second home and real estate investment log cabins in the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee. I’m intimately familiar with all aspects of profitable cabin ownership, and can help you break into the business and become a successful property owner in this beautiful part of the country.

When analyzing cabins for their real estate investment potential, I view them more as a property manager than as a Realtor. My main focus is the cabin’s income potential and what it will take for the property to achieve its maximum income. As your real estate agent, I’ll guide you through every step of the investment process, from selecting the perfect log cabin through the buying process.

It all starts with choosing the best location and identifying and making the necessary upgrades or improvements. I’ll help you make the best choice for your management company and advise you on best local Smoky Mountain sources for your cabin’s repair or renovation needs. I’ll work to eliminate any uncertainties you may have and help you be confident that your investment log cabin real estate experience is both pleasant and profitable. Together, we’ll find your dream investment property in the Smoky Mountains!

“When it came time to make a decision, it was clear that Will Quinn had the experience and knowledge to help me make the purchase.” J. McCellan

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In 2008, prices for cabins and chalets in Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg, Tennessee had reached a level where breaking even on operation was the best situation I could find for my clients. But in the fall of that year, the real estate bubble burst nationwide and cabin prices in the Smoky Mountains of East Tennessee fell 30 to 40 percent, allowing me to again provide buyers with profitable real estate options for second home and investment log cabins and chalets.

With 11 million people vacationing in the Smokies each year, cabin rentals and tourism represents one of the largest industries in our area, and a large percentage of our visitors return annually for their major vacations as well as weekend getaways. Rental cabins are booked year round here in the Smokies, providing you with an excellent and steady source of income. As was demonstrated in 2010 and 2011, even in a slow uncertain economy, the number of cabin-renting visitors coming to the Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg areas remained consistent – something that’s only expected to continue in the years ahead!

If you are thinking about owning a cabin in the Smoky Mountains that you will use several times a year, let other lovers of the Smokies pay for it when you’re not there!

Without a doubt, it’s currently a buyer’s market for investment cabins here in the Smoky Mountains. In response to market conditions, I have chosen to act as a buyers’ agent, cherry-picking available properties for people who have the interest and ability to take advantage of the opportunities presented by current economic circumstances. My compensation comes from the buyers’ agent commission built into the sales price.

4080588605_73b9527e50_zBy early 2013, the cabin and chalet market had not only stabilized, but showed legitimate recovery, and we are still in an enticing market with profitable opportunities for the astute buyer. The sales market looked as though it would never end from 2000 to 2008, and many developers overbuilt cabins in response to expected market demands. Many such cabins are currently on the market, and while to the untrained eye, some of these cabins may appear to be great opportunities, many of them were poor investment choices when built and remain so, even at eye-catching prices. My expertise and knowledge of the region will help you avoid such lemons, allowing you to focus your investments on solid and marketable properties.

“Will was easy to talk to and get a truthful answer from very quickly. He responded to our multitude of questions without hesitation, and we knew right away that he was the right person to work with. He definitely proved himself to be more than a realtor, rather a true expert in the field of investment property.”

–K&S Eberle

4081394624_9b182769e9_oIf you want to learn more, contact me today and I’ll send you more information, including my Buyer’s Guide to Successful Investment Cabin Ownership in the Smoky Mountains, plus my Hot Sheet that details the best cabin investment opportunities currently on the market. When you find a cabin that looks great to you, I’ll send you a detailed Income/Expense Estimate for that property to help you properly analyze the viability of your investment so that you can make your decision on firm facts and knowledge as you work purchase the Smoky Mountains investment real estate of your dreams.

Have You Been Trying to Get the Information You Need to Make a Cabin Purchase That Will Satisfy Both Your Personal Needs and Financial Goals?

  • Are you considering the purchase of an investment cabin or second home in Gatlinburg, the Smoky Mountains or Pigeon Forge for your vacations and the financial rewards of a sound investment?
  • Do you need help deciding whether an investment property in Gatlinburg, Pigeon Forge, Sevierville or Wears Valley will earn the highest rental income?
  • Would you like a knowledgeable expert’s insight into what features and amenities promote the highest occupancy?
  • Are you unsure which of the hundreds of log cabin and chalet management companies will best represent you?

Don’t make an investment log cabin or chalet purchase that you’re not comfortable with. You want to be confident that the property you buy will not only be a solid investment today, but also well into the future. With my help, you can. My free ebook, “Insider’s Guide to Buying a Second Home / Investment Cabin in the Smoky Mountains,” is available to you today to help you get started on navigating the options for purchases here in the mountains of Tennessee. You can count on me to help me with your investment decision as countless others have, too.

“Will knows the cabin investment business and I would not hesitate to recommend him for your real estate needs.”
–K&D Greba

My approach to working with cabin buyers is simple and straightforward. First, I’m not going to try and sell you anything by my knowledge and experience. I will work closely with you as you review prospective cabins and chalets, guiding you step-by-step through the decision-making process so that you find property that not only fulfills your dreams but also accomplishes your investment goals. Not convinced? Click on my testimonials page and read what others have said about their experience working with me. Then, request my Buyers’ Guide and get started on making your Smoky Mountain dreams come true!

Remember, if you are buying a vacation cabin that will be rented when you are not using it, YOU ARE BUYING A SMALL BUSINESS, not just a second home! Trust someone with the knowledge needed to make sure your investment is a sound one. Trust experience, trust Will Quinn!